Fall Into Health

Ever notice you get sick more when fall kicks in?

The days get shorter and summer abundance wanes. The wind rustles things up and invites the decay of winter to start trickling in. As we move further away from the dog days of summer, our bodies begin to mirror this seasonal process. We slow down and cool down. Feelings of expansiveness give way to contraction and introspection.

Difficulties with this shift often manifests in the lungs, skin, and digestion - which are all closely linked to immunity. Maybe you get itchy rashes, your asthma kicks up, that first cold or flu feels inevitable, or you can’t quite shake a lingering sense of sadness.

Fall is the season of the lungs, of grieving, and of letting go, and for a lot of people, it is one of the hardest annual shifts to navigate. It’s all about getting clear about what nourishes you versus what doesn’t - and then letting that shit go!

Wouldn't you love to receive a handcrafted collection of botanical products designed to help you with all of that?

With the right tools, you can totally thrive (physically and emotionally) while you move through the season.

My Fall Into Health Seasonal Wellness Kits are the perfect bundles of Boushu love to help you stay healthy and vibrant while embracing fall’s theme of letting go of the old to make room for the new.

About the Products:

All products in the kit are created lovingly and meticulously from start to finish. All the recipes are thoughtfully formulated by me and I make everything  by hand, in small batches using only bioactive ingredients that have been selected to deliver maximum results. All ingredients have a purpose (or several) and their quality translates directly into effectiveness.

I strive to use ethically produced, naturally-derived things that mean safer products for you and for the environment.

Here’s what you get in each Fall Into Health Seasonal Wellness Kit:


This version of the kit has all the basics for getting an adult through approximately one 3-month season.

  • Free Mini-Consultation (by phone, Skype, or email.) You can contact me to book your appointment, or you can book it yourself using my online calendar .
  • Feel Fab Tonic Tea. This tea is choc-a-block with organic herbs that should be drunk regularly throughout the fall to promote resilience and balance in your skin, lungs, digestion, and immunity.
  • Immunity 911 Acute Tincture. This puppy will be your best friend when you start to feel an infection coming on. It combines powerhouse immune-boosting herbs that work fast and hard on a physical level to nip things in the bud, or to speed up recovery if a bug gets the better of you.
  • Cold and Flu Acute Tea. Who doesn’t crave a cup of tea when they're sick!? This blend is meant to work in tandem with the acute tincture. It can be drunk all season and should always replace the tonic tea for the duration of any cold or flu.
  • Easy Come Easy Go Transition Tincture. This tincture draws on plant medicine’s ability to promote healing on an emotional, psychological and spiritual level. It is a combination of plants that help you process your stuff (past and present) and let it go.
  • Feeling Fresh Hand & Body Lotion. This is is a lightweight, non-greasy concoction of plant oils, butters, and extracts. It’s a gentle, non-irritating lotion meant to nourish and protect your skin and immune system throughout the fall. Fresh scents of wood, evergreen and citrus invigorate, uplift and balance.