I’m Amber Shute: quiet Aries; adventurous homebody; fan of the saying "everything in moderation – even moderation."

My nickname as a kid was la fille fleurie (the flower child) because I was always off in the fields collecting wild flowers.

I’ve crewed luxury yachts and sailed from Seattle to Venice by way of the Panama Canal. I’ve camel-trekked Saharan dunes, backpacked around Europe, and bused my way down the Baja. I have yet to get there, but eventually I'll make it to an atoll in the South Pacific. Until then, I'm content spending my summer days soaking up the sun on the beaches of the Southern Gulf Islands here in BC.

I’ve been known to throw a legendary dinner party or two (my mom likes to call me “the hostess with the mostess”), and cooking for people I love makes me outrageously happy. I'm all for a great party, but more often than not you’ll find me hanging out with my husband or puttering around a quiet house having solo conversations in my head, practicing yin yoga, or talking to my cat. 

I’m perpetually mining the depths of what makes me me but, as an Enneagram Type 9, you’ll rarely hear me talk about that. I’d much rather hear you talk about you. My nine-ness makes me a peace-loving mediator who doesn't like the limelight. What I do love is making sure that other people are alright. In addition to being a natural nurturer, I show up in the world by doing things like listening intently, cultivating authentic connections, cooking exuberantly, having living room dance parties with my girlfriends, and being meticulous about medicine making.