Initial Consultation 

In order for me to create a customized healthcare plan that is perfectly suited to you, we'll start by having an in-depth discussion about the past, present and future you. 

Prior to your first visit, I will send you a link to a digital intake form. I prefer to review your intake form before our first conversation so that I can go through it in detail and identify pertinent information I would like you to expand on or clarify while we talk.

A first-time visit often lasts up to two hours. It's an opportunity for us to get to know each other and see if we're a good fit. Most importantly, I want to hear your version of what brought you to see me and what it is you would like from me. 

By the end of our first appointment, my aim is to have a comprehensive overview of your history, where you're at now, and how best to proceed. We will develop a plan and get you started on the road to better health.

Follow-up Consultation 

Your first follow-up visit usually takes place one to two weeks following the initial consultation. After that, subsequent appointments are scheduled according to your particular needs and schedule. Follow-up visits tend to last about 45 to 60 minutes. They allow us to discuss changes you’ve noticed as well as any new or previously missed concerns you have so that we can adapt recommendations and formulas accordingly. 

Established clients may request shorter follow-up visits in cases where only a quick check-in is needed. Shorter visits are best suited to acute conditions like colds and flus, or when a simple adjustment needs to be made to an existing formula. Shorter visits are scheduled at my discretion upon the time of request.

House Calls

I understand that sometimes getting out to appointments can be difficult. That’s why I’m happy to travel to clients within the city of Victoria. Home visits are available upon request. Additional fees may be charged depending on your location.

Cosmetic Consultations

I can make personalized skin care products to suite your unique preferences and needs.